Located on the banks of the Krabi River, between Phangnga and Trang Island on Thailand’s west coast, Krabi is a traveller’s favorite. Those who are thinking of going out of the country on vacation can safely visit this city of Thailand with family or alone.

Sights of Krabi

Krabi town is dotted with numerous beaches. The beauty of each beach is different and eye-catching. However, there are many other places to visit in Krabi town apart from walking around the beach. Some special places have been highlighted for the convenience of tourists

Railay Beaches & Caves

Railay Beach is quite popular among all tourists when it comes to traveling to Krabi. The white sand, beautiful surroundings, clear water and wonderful weather are a source of pure joy for the tourists. Here you can see limestone caves and various types of yacht parties. But it will be better to see the whole beach on foot.

Phi Phi Island

Located 45 km from Krabi town, this island is a major attraction for travel lovers. This island consists of two islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le. If you want to get lost in nature, you must visit this place. You can go to this island by ferry from Krabi town or hire a speed boat yourself. Here you can participate in various beach parties along with scuba driving. The green lagoon named Maya Bay here is a favorite place for tourists.

Thung Teao Forest Natural Park And Emerald Pool

The beautiful natural environment of this park. The dark green trees, wild animals roaming freely and the beautiful fountains in the middle of the park create a magical beauty. This park is a perfect place for nature lovers and photographers. If you want, you can dive into the green clear water of Imerland Lake and get lost in the beautiful state here.

Wat ThamSuaOr Tiger Cave Temple

A special place in Krabi is this cave also known as “Tiger Cave”. Inside it are several temples and houses for pilgrims. Some monks have been here since birth. This cave is popularly known as Gautama Buddha’s favorite tiger, so this cave is named Tiger Cave. When you reach the top of the cave, you will see the footprints of the Buddha.

Klong Thom Hot Springs

This fountain is very close to Thang Teo Forest Natural Park. If you want to see the flow of warm hot water over the shiny stones, you can visit this place. The secret of this hot water is the source of this spring in the hot chamber of Klong Thom Volcano. It is popularly believed that this hot water can be used as a remedy for many skin diseases. Next to it there is a flow of cool water.

KhaoKhanab Nam

This place is famous for its natural beauty. There are mountains on both sides of this bay. When you climb the hill, you can see a wonderful view. In addition, many things of ancient history can be seen inside the cave.

Phra Nang Beach

Many tourists flock here to see the beauty of this quiet beach. This beach symbolizes the heritage and traditional beliefs of Krabi which is dedicated to the ancient princess Phra Nang. The popular legend of this beach attracts more tourists to come here. Spending time here on the beach will be a different experience listening to the ancient stories inside the cave.

Krabi Elephant Sanctury

This elephant sanctuary will add a different dimension to the tourist’s visit to Krabi. Apart from feeding the elephants by hand, you can watch them in their natural activities.

Ao NangBeach

Ao Nang is the longest beach in southern Thailand. There are many diving spots in the sea so this beach is perfect for diving. You can rent a big boat to explore the limestone island along with other beaches such as Koh Hong, Koh Poda and Koh Gai. Along with diving in the water here, you can also do snorkeling and rock climbing.

Kohhong Island

This island is part of the National Marine Park. There are four other islands, hence it is also known as “The Four Islands”. It can be reached by speed boat or long-trail boat from A Nang. You can go kayaking here.

Noppharathara Beach

Along with Ao Nang Beach, this beach is basically a dry river. Apart from local people, this beach is very popular with tourists from outside. Everyone loves to indulge in water sports in the shallow waters here.

You can also visit places like Krabi Shell Cemetery, Than Bok Khorani, Jianta, Wat Kaew Korawaram, Ao Luk Mangrove and Caves, Huau Toh Water Falls, Tup Island.
Where to stay (hotels and resorts)
There are several hotels to stay in Krabi. For example – Siri Krabi, Sleep Whale Express, Krabi Marina Seaview, Apo Hotel, KL Boutique Hotel, Krabi City Seaview Hotel, La La Moon Krabi, J Holiday Inn, Byfern Mansion, Snow Hotel, Ban Punmanus, Ban Andaman Hotels 10- 20$ will get a room for two people. There are good hotels and resorts to stay in Phi Phi too.