Italy is called the land of dreams. Italy has made its mark in the history of human civilization not only for the Roman Empire, but the influence of its art and science in ancient times is still present in the world and will not be denied as long as there are people. The Mona Lisa still bears witness to the country where famous artists Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were born. Galileo Galilei was born in Italy, and the man behind the instrument used to see the distant planets and stars closely, and the contribution of the man behind it, will be remembered forever. Every corner of Italy is famous for its traditions and crafts. So let’s know the details about the dream country Italy.

Italy is a democratic country in Western Europe. It is a European Union country. A signatory to the Shenzhen Convention can enter the country with a Shenzhen visa. It is surrounded by France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and the Italian peninsula in the south, the two continents Sicily and Sardinia adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea and many other small islands. Two countries named San Marino and Vatican City are also affiliated to Italy.

The word Italy comes from Italia. It means Land of Cubs. The total area of ​​this country is 3 lakh 1 thousand 340 square kilometers. The people of this country speak Italian and the currency is Euro.

Italy is the fifth most populous country in Europe and the 23rd in the world. As of 2018, the total population of the country was 6 crore 4 lakh 36 thousand 469 people and 201 people live in every square kilometer of the country. Italy has a large Christian population. According to a 2012 report, about 83.3 percent Christians live in the country.

The climate of this country is temperate. The ancient city of “Rome” is located on the banks of the second longest river in the country, the Tiber. Rome is the capital of Italy. Rome has a history of several centuries. Where ancient houses and sculptures are considered among the wonders of the world. Rome was once the capital of the Roman Empire. Therefore, according to historians, the city of Rome is called as the birthplace of Western civilization. Within this city of Rome is the world’s smallest country, Vatican City.

Another famous city “Venice” is located in this Italy. This city consists of about 120 small islands. And these small islands are connected by 400 small bridges. The true beauty of this city is realized while passing through the canals that flow between the islands. So we often see glimpses of this city in movies. The name Venice originates from an ancient people called the Veneti, who lived in this area of ​​Eximo.

Known as the heartland of artists, the city of Venice is world-renowned for its works of art. Venice was once known as the printing capital of Europe.

At the end of the 19th century, Italy established a colonial empire in many countries. Its rule extended to Libya, Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Albania, Dodecanese. The Chinese city of Tianjin was also included.

Italy is considered the 23rd most developed country in the world. Italians are used to living very well. It ranks among the top 10 in the world for quality of life.

Basically, education in Italy is free until the age of 16. So the educational qualification is certainly high in the country. Because the country has the University of Bologna, which is considered one of the oldest universities in the world. And the education rate of the country is 99.2 percent.

Italy has some of the most active volcanoes on the European continent. Vesuvius is known as the most dangerous among them. And there are hundreds of thousands of people living around this active volcano.

Italy is one of the world’s leading economies known for its cutting-edge technology and the production of cars and other goods. Famous car companies like Lamborghini, Ferrari also have their headquarters in Italy.

The crime rate in Italy is very high. So these criminals affect the country’s economy in different ways. Like Dubai, Italian police are also famous for their use of expensive cars. Cars from the world’s most expensive car companies such as Lamborghini are used by the police force here.

Milan is another Italian city famous for its fashion and design. Hence it is again called the fashion and design capital of the world. But this city is also known for football. All famous football grounds and football teams like Inter Milan, AC Milan are in this city. And football and Italy, it’s hard to separate the two. The favorite sport of people here is football.