Traveling alone for the first time is always nerve wracking. Where to go, how to go, what to do – thinking about these may not become going. Instead, shake off your thoughts and go down to the field.

Select destination: Maybe you have thought of some places for solo travel in the meantime. But first must decide, what is the primary goal of the trip! Making new friends, taking a break from work, seeing new places, trekking or anything else! Or travel goals can be multiple. In this case, the primary goal will help you choose your travel destination.

Budget should also be kept in mind while deciding the destination. If you want to travel on a low budget, you can stay in a hostel instead of a hotel. Hostels will reduce your living expenses a lot and you will easily make many new friends.

For your first solo trip, choose a destination where you can easily meet a lot of people. That is why it is better to choose a ‘tourist friendly’ city. Where you will find many solo travelers and whose friendship will take away your feeling of loneliness.

Travel Route: It is better not to plan in detail what to do, where to go, when to go. Sitting far from the destination, the detailed plan may look good on your laptop screen. But upon reaching the destination, the whole plan may seem simplistic.

So it is better to know some general information about the place before traveling. For example, places to visit, what to eat, where to eat. But it is not necessary to hold all the dates. If you want to do everything according to the routine, it is still good to keep an extra day.

You can visit the city on any day. You can talk to locals and discover some new places or events that can add to your travel enjoyment.

Due arrangement: What can be your primary companion on solo travel! If you were a book reader as a child and if you feel that the habit has decreased day by day then you can keep a couple of books on your favorite subject in your bag to regain the old habit. If you don’t like books, you can take music, plays or movies on your mobile to get rid of loneliness in lonely times. Or you can keep a diary, where you can record your travel experiences.

Travel may involve a lot of walking. So keep comfortable shoes with you. A pair of light plastic or rubber sandals is good for walking indoors or on the beach. An umbrella or raincoat can be kept to protect from sun or rain. Because no one can give 100% guarantee about the weather.

A power bank will help you keep your mobile running for emergencies during travel. A power bank must be carried for long journeys.

Write down emergency phone numbers on a separate sheet of paper. Even if you have all the details on the phone, it is better to write the hotel address or the necessary numbers of the destination on a separate piece of paper. And if traveling abroad, keep the photocopy of passport and visa with you. If you have a driving license, you must carry it with you. Driving license is required to rent a bike or scooty to travel to the destination city.

Preparation: Many people think that traveling alone can ruin the taste of your trip. But it is a good way to know yourself and spend time with your own thoughts.

So you should keep your irrational thoughts away before traveling. Because in the beginning, if you can keep the feeling of loneliness away, you will find an open path ahead. Where you can discover yourself anew.

Preparing and traveling solo for the first time is always nerve-wracking. A thousand worries will surround you at every step. But once you get a taste of the freedom of solo travel after overcoming all the hurdles, you’ll never have to look for a travel companion again.