Beauty is scattered all over Japan. But different places in Japan become attractive in different seasons. Almost every city has everything from ancient temples to sky-high modern architecture. Be it nature or technology, you can’t help but be fascinated by what you see around.

I have decided to write about the top three most beautiful places that I like, the places that I don’t visit when I come to Japan and I will assume that you have a curse of nature that you are deprived of these beauties!

(1) Kyoto (京都市) is the oldest capital of Japan

Kyoto is beautiful all year round! Just the word ‘beautiful’ falls short for it. The beauty of this city is natural! If you have time, you can visit the main attractions of the entire city in a minimum of three days. Without further ado, I am trying to explain through some pictures-

Photo: Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺) or Rakuon-ji (鹿苑寺), The Golden Temple Construction date- 1397.

Photo: Fushimi Inari Taisha- (伏見稲荷大社). Nirmankal-711.

It is a Shinto shrine. These rows of tall poles, joined together two at a time to form a gate-like structure, are called Torii, and there are 10,000 such poles at Fushimi Inari Taisha! Your visit to Japan is incomplete if you don’t take a picture standing on this chipa! You can climb to the top of the hill by walking through the gate of this temple located at the foothills of Inari Hill. However, it will take about two hours to get up! I was lucky enough to visit here, its peak is 233 meters above sea level. Even after such a long journey, it was not so tiring.

Photo: Arashiyama (嵐山), Mountain-Park-Bridge-Temple-Bamboo Garden You can get a unique travel experience here!

The whole of Kyoto is buzzing with traditional monuments. So place this place at the top of the list when traveling to Japan.

(2) Hiroshima (広島市) is the city that witnessed the most inhuman event in world history.

Photo: Atomic Bomb Dome (The Atomic Bomb Dome) Construction Date: 1915.

The city of Hiroshima, which was shaken by the atomic bomb in the Second World War, has revived like a kind of phoenix bird. All over the city bears the scars of war and conflict. To keep the memory of this wound, they created – Peace Memorial Park.

Photo: Peace Memorial Park.

Only a person who knows a minimum of history should know the name of the city of Hiroshima. Especially their memory archives, no one can not shed tears.

Image: Hiroshima Castle.

I haven’t had a chance to go here yet. However, I have heard from the visitors that no matter how much this city has been subjected to inhumanity, they have only spread the message of peace in such monuments.

(3) Hokkaido 北海道 – Coolest place of Japan (literally)!

Photo: Odori-Susukino Street view from Sapporo TV Tower.

Hokkaido is the northernmost border of Japan, the country’s second largest island. Beyond the border of Hokkaido further north is Russia. Winter is the longest season here. December-January-February is the coldest period here. During this time, the whole place is covered with white snow! Not because I live here, in winter Hokkaido is the center of attraction for skiing experts from all over the world, Niseko is the biggest tourist attraction here.

Image: A skiing spot.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t ski, there’s a wide variety of activities to suit everyone’s tastes. I once got a chance to visit a snow capped mountain here called Annupuri! Sapporo’s snow festival is also world famous!

Image: Every year the Sapporo Snow Festival showcases all shapes and sizes of snow architecture!

At other times of the year too, nature here is dressed in different colors. I can say for sure that you will be impressed in every way!

It is possible to make this article very long, but I will mention the three best places to note at the beginning. Basically, Japan’s economy relies heavily on its tourism industry, so they are always trying to attract people to their own country! I hope that I have been able to curb the curiosity of those interested in this answer!